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Cohesion and courage, to climb the peak — Yuanna Chemical's 2019 end meeting & Anji team building event
2020-04-17 18:54 admin
From January 10th to 12th, 2020, Yuanna Chemical's 2019 end-of-year meeting and group building activities were successfully held in Anji. The year-end meeting was in the form of a team building event, which enabled everyone to summarize and look forward to the year in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
The meeting started under the theme of President Zhao's "Cohesion of Heart and Brave Peak". Colleagues from all departments spoke freely and summarized over the past year. Everyone reaps growth and progress in 2019. Everyone is full of confidence and set a goal and outlook for 2020.
At the end of the meeting, there was a fun game and an active atmosphere. Everyone competed in the game. The pace of hard work never stopped. Yuanna people played in style and level.
The earthen stove in my memory, the "open" kitchen, the fights between the immortals of all walks of life in the world, and the fight for the chef. After the noisy and noisy, it is a reunion dinner for Yuanna people.
The first snow of Yuanna and Longwang Mountain hit a full body, the locals said that this one-year-old foggy pine represents blessing. The first snow in the mountains is so unreal, but it is beautiful only for those of you who help each other. Those brave men who climbed to the top of the mountain, you are the most beautiful "cubs" of Yuan Na.
Finally, a perfect picnic ended, and confirmed the eyes, all of them are chefs. The high flames gathered by everyone also fully reflected the team's collaborative strength, allowing everyone to enjoy different meals in the mountains.
The best time is to send your love to the landscape and see the beauty of the world. The three-day team building soon ended, but the Yuanna people never stopped advancing. In 2020, may the world's beauty meet you unexpectedly.
Bless Yuana!


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