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"Excellent sales elite build"-Yuanna internal training!
2019-04-25 18:54 admin
In order to further enhance the marketing awareness and ability of the company's marketing staff, improve the overall marketing level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, enhance the ability of employees, and create an atmosphere of learning for all, the company organized the "Excellent Sales Elite" on April 13-14, 2019 Build a "year-round training plan to help market personnel better grasp the market situation, understand and execute the company's strategic intentions more accurately, and realize the effective landing of the company's strategy.
The training is carried out in three parts:
The first part: the cultivation of sales elite mentality;
The second part: literacy etiquette of professional sales;
Part III: Strengthen sales skills.
This is an era of sales for win. Sales have greatly exceeded the meaning of the original occupation, and become a way of life, a life philosophy that penetrates and penetrates in various activities.
The lecturer in this lecture is Mr. Si Mu from Shanghai Shidun Enterprise Management Consulting. The course is inspiring and practical. Mr. Si is seriously responsible. Through a detailed understanding of the plans of each group before the class, he has mastered the focus of many students Work, combined with games, allows students to jump out of the limitations of thinking, change the existing mental model, and lay the foundation for future innovative work.
The teacher mentioned that competence must be affirmed to become self-confident, and self-confidence is necessary for sales work. The teacher in the classroom through the game, so that every student can get praise from others, everyone participates in it, the game is full With joy and laughter, the classroom atmosphere becomes more active. Teachers used humorous language to explain professional knowledge points in the classroom, which not only enlivened the team atmosphere, but also focused the students ’attention, making the students more willing to listen to the class. Most students can participate in the class very well. Therefore, the students expressed their great preference.
The attendance rate, course satisfaction, and overall effect of this training course are good, so that the marketing sales personnel have mastered the core knowledge and literacy that the sales work should have, and improved the key points and sales skills of each link of the sales. Great guiding significance. After the class, a small gift was given to the students with outstanding performance in the classroom, which not only learned knowledge but also had surprises and surprises.
The training format is flexible, focusing on full participation and guiding the training. In the training, the importance of marketing ideas and marketing skills were explained from various aspects, and the way to become an excellent marketer was pointed out. The marketers felt deeply about the training and expressed their commitment to the future with a very responsible attitude Work, and eventually achieved good training results.
In short, training can make employees self-reliant, can keep the enterprise's blood constantly updated, and keep the company always vigorous and always competitive. This is the biggest significance of training, and it is also the reason why the company pays attention to personnel training.
April 14
On the second day after the training, the company organized outdoor activities-farmhouse!
The rich ingredients and delicious delicacies are all from the hands of the company's partners, enjoying the fruits of labor together and experiencing different life experiences.
Two days passed in an instant, and learning was also a process of growth. The company will continue to explore, pursue new goals, and climb to a new level. At this point, all trips have ended successfully!


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