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Yuanna Chemical 2019 New Year Party!
2019-01-23 18:55 admin
When everyone sighed where the time went, the busy us unknowingly sent off 2018. At the end of the year, the circle of friends are taking photos-the annual meeting feast, but this year's Yuanna has no new cuts, choose the most popular party venue-the party party, such a fun and warm party party, for us It ’s perfect for an annual meeting.
At 1pm on January 17th, our little friends went to the party party together. Everyone gathered here to look back at the past and look forward to the company's bright future! It marked the official opening of the 2019 New Year Party of Shanghai Yuanna Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Curtain!
The hall party hall where the annual meeting is located is in a private villa area. Once you enter the room, you can see the very warm furnishings: there are billiards, chess room, video games, KTV, etc. If you are tired of playing, there are rooms upstairs to relax ····· Including eating, drinking and playing.
Preparations before the banquet: everyone collaborates and collaborates, some friends arrange the meeting place, and more virtuous friends are busy washing and chopping vegetables in the kitchen to prepare the dinner tonight ...
Chess and cards on the second floor are also very enjoyable! Sure enough, when playing the game, they are all devoted!
 The banquet is starting! Looking at this table, the dishes are full of color, aroma, and taste. Can't you believe that they are all from the hands of our little friends. This cooking is comparable to the chef, so wait What is it, the chopsticks move ~ Let's raise a glass together and wish us more wonderful in 2019!
The above is a wonderful review of our annual meeting. I have to say that this hearty event has given us more opportunities to understand every colleague around us, and it has also increased our mutual emotions. All the wonderful Both touched and moved are fixed in this cozy room.
Join hands to sing songs, toast and drink, in everyone's laughter, Yuanna Chemical 2019 will end successfully.
Wish Yuanna vigorous development in 2019 and create greater glories!
I wish all employees: Happy New Year, happy family, and good luck!


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