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Yuanna Chemical's 19th China International Dyestuff Exhibition was a complete success, and we will meet again in the coming year!
2019-04-18 18:57 admin
The main products exhibited at the exhibition are as follows. As a designer of pre-treatment solutions for high-quality, differentiated fibers and an innovative pre-treatment supplier of water-saving, time-saving and steam-saving, we always implement the concept of professionalism, focus and dedication , Better serve customers.
Shanghai Yuanna has accumulated rich experience in the development and practice of the whole process of dyeing and finishing of recycled fiber fabrics. We can provide customers with a complete set of dyeing and finishing solutions from pre-treatment to functional finishing to provide high value-added fabric "One-stop service. So that these fabrics can achieve perfect functional performance, showing extremely high added value.
The 19th China International Dyestuff Exhibition officially ended successfully. In the full three days, Yuanna Chemical has gained a lot. During the exhibition, it attracted many guests. They had deep exchanges with each other and deepened their understanding of Yuanna Chemical. Recognized the value of Yuan Na. At the same time, the friends who worked on the site of Yuanna Chemicals said hard work. We will meet again next year!


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