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An Yingbao infant underwear contains carcinogen aromatic amine dyes more than twice the standard
2014-08-12 19:00 admin
On August 7th, the Consumer Council of Guangzhou City released the recent comparative test data on children ’s and infant clothing sold in Guangzhou. The results show that the sample compliance rate is only 73.3%. 16 batches of samples such as sports suits cannot fully meet the relevant standards. It is particularly noteworthy that this comparison test found that Anyingbao (underwear) produced by Shantou Anyingbao Maternity Products Co., Ltd. detected that the ingredients can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes to exceed the standard requirements.
An Yingbao (underwear) carcinogens exceed the standard by more than 2 times
It is particularly noteworthy that Anyingbao (underwear) produced by Shantou Anyingbao Maternity Products Co., Ltd. has detected that the ingredients can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes to exceed the standard requirements.
Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes refer to dyes synthesized from carcinogenic aromatic amines, that is, people often say "prohibited azo dyes". The dye has complete chromatogram, good color and high fastness, so it is widely used in the dyeing and printing of various natural and synthetic fibers. It is colorless, odorless, and insoluble in water. It can only be found through technical inspection and cannot be eliminated. Decomposable aromatic amine is a dye that is toxic and harmful to the human body. During long-term contact with the human body, if the dye is absorbed by the skin, it will spread in the human body and cause human disease.
According to GB18401-2010 "National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications" standard, the carcinogenic aromatic amine dye limit value should be less than 20mg / kg. This comparison test found that Anyingbao (underwear) detected that the "3,3'-dimethoxybenzidine" in the ingredients that can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes is 43mg / kg, which is more than twice the standard. This project does not meet the standard requirements mainly for the following two reasons: one is that the manufacturing enterprise uses dyes or pigments that can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amines when dyeing product fabrics, auxiliary materials, or printing; second, when purchasing raw materials, it is not adopted The quality of the raw materials is strictly controlled, leading to the purchase of facial accessories containing decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.
8 batches of samples failed the color fastness
According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Consumers Association, the dyeing fastness means that the dyed textiles are subjected to external factors such as sun exposure, washing, sweating, friction, etc. during the use process or the process of processing. The dyes on the textiles are subjected to various factors It can maintain its original color performance to different degrees, which is an important indicator of the inherent quality of clothing. When clothing with poor dyeing fastness encounters water, perspiration, sunlight, or physical friction, the dye easily falls off and fades, affecting the appearance, and the shed dye molecules or heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger the health.
In this comparison test, the color fastness items of 8 batches of samples such as the top grade baby polka dot velvet produced by Guangzhou Jinsheng Baby Garment Industry Co., Ltd. did not meet the standard requirements. Among them, the color fastness to water, the color fastness to perspiration, and the alkali perspiration were not met. There are 1 batch of each color fastness that does not meet the requirements of the standard, and 6 batches and 2 batches of the color fastness to wet rubbing and the color fastness to dry rubbing, respectively, do not meet the standard requirements.
The pH value is an indicator that reflects the acidity and alkalinity of the article. Under normal circumstances, the pH value of the human skin ranges from 5.5 to 7.0, which is weakly acidic. If the pH value of the clothing product is too high or too low, it may damage the human skin pH. Balance, cause skin allergies or infections, make the skin susceptible to other germs. The inspection results of this comparison test found that two batches of samples exceeded the pH value, which were produced by GMF brand boys woven straight trousers (washed products) produced by Guangzhou Liweile Trading Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jasmine Textile Co., Ltd. HELLO KITTY dress.
The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Consumers Association explained that if the pH value of the product is not up to standard, the clothing manufacturers are not strict about the selection of raw materials, and the raw material manufacturers control the purity and purity of cotton products and products with high cotton content in the dyeing and finishing process. It is not strict, the acid and alkali neutralization is not sufficient after the production, or the cleaning is not thorough.
It is reported that after the results of the comparative test are out, the Guangzhou Consumer Council will soon send the test report to the relevant production enterprises. Relevant manufacturing companies attach great importance to the results of this comparative test, and actively analyze and explain the production process raw materials of the products within the effective feedback period, put forward rectification measures and implementation rules, and promptly remove the relevant products from the mall.


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