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Some problems of learning ‖ insurance powder
2014-08-14 19:00 admin
When the general insurance powder exerts its best performance in production (or experiment)
What is its concentration? What is the alkali concentration? What is the temperature?
Do you do reduction cleaning?
General insurance powder 2g / l, soda ash 1g / l, treatment at 85 degrees for 20min, but now there are reducing cleaning agents on the market, which can replace insurance powder.
In actual operation, the most important effect on the safety powder is the temperature when the safety powder is put [must be 100 degrees]. The higher the temperature, the better the effect. If the temperature of the safety powder is lower than 100 degrees, it may be Sihao can't peel off the color, increase the temperature to 130 degrees under the premise of putting the powder at 100 degrees. In terms of alkaline concentration, high concentration is good for stripping. Generally, 10 kg of liquid alkali per 100 kg of cloth is enough.
This question should be understood as follows:
1. The insurance powder is very volatile, and the time of adding the insurance powder is very important. Too early, it will evaporate and reduce its effectiveness; too late, especially when used at high temperature, it can easily become the negative pressure of the dyeing machine and affect the operation. Therefore, the optimal temperature should be 85 degrees.
2. When the PH value of the insurance powder is 10, the effect is the best!
3. Thiourea dioxide should be able to replace it on the market. Thiourea dioxide is ten times less reductive than insurance powder! And it is more stable!


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