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One dosage scouring-bleaching agent- AP Multi-functional pre-treatment of scouring-bleaching without alkali and peroxide. many purposes in ona single product, suitable for cotton, hemp,PE,rayon, tencell, moadl, bamboo fiber with excellent scouring, bleaching, desizing, stains removing(mould), detergency.
Low temperature high efficiency -- AP-L The scouring-bleaching at temperature of 80 ℃ with AP-L can relatively reduce cost to a large extent, shorten heating and cooling time, get excellent whiteness and high capillary effect, suitable for cotton, hemp and blend.
Fast and efficient scouring--EFT The advanced activator in EFT is more than double performance than normal scouring, low alkali bleaching , neutral resuidal fluid in pre-treatment, easy to washing, reduce neutralization washing process, shorten time of scouring-bleaching.
Alkali substitute for reactive dyeing-- alkali substitute YNH The dosage is just 1/8-1/10 instead of traditional process with excellent buffer to prevent stable PH in fixing and get the same shade and colour fastness with traditional process. Reduce process of washing and neutralization,shorten process time, decrease alkali cost at above 50%
Optimizer for reactive dyeing -- BASS The multi-functional levelling is suitable for retarding, solubilizing and others in reactive and direct dyeing.With the function of dyeing optimization and improvement of dyeing stability, especially for colour with more difficult in dyeing, such as cobalt blue and turquoise. Excellent levelling to improve the rate of dyeing success at first attempt.
Fast soaping with water saving -- NEW Reduce 2-3 times washing than traditional soaping. As NEW act the part powerful soaping and decoloring, the residual fluid will be clear without many times washing. Therefore, reduce time of washing, water, and energy. Excellent washing,blister, dry and wet abrasion fastness
Saline and alkali resistance soaping with low temperature -- anti-staining soaping LOW Enable to decrease washing times as soaping effect dose not get any influence from saline, alkali and hardness of water. The excellent soaping is also in little liquor ratio and low temperature of 80 ℃. Brilliant anti-staining at white bottom for reactive printing fabric. 
Polyester washing without fluid disposal -- Acid reductive cleaner 318 No fluid disposal after polyester dyeing. Reductive cleaner in acid condition to cut down neutralization, washing.  Shorten 3 times washing. Sodium hydrosulfite and caustic alkali substitute will decrease strength injury. With excellent reductive cleaning, effectively improve color fastness and vividness of dyed fabric.  
Scouring and dyeing in a single step without scouring -- TCB Suitable for TC and CVC blend fabric. Cooperate with polyester dyeing in one batch without pre-treatment. Shorten process time with excellent scouring, bleaching and cotton seed shell removing. Able to get the same dyeing effect  with traditional process.
TC reductive clean soaping -- DMW Cut down reductive cleaning after TC、 CVC blend fabric dyeing. Excellent extraction, dispersing, soaping for dispersed dye. No reductive oxidation and influence on shade, can used for TC fastness repairing as well, get excellent washing, blister fastness.
Polyester sublimation fastness improve -- polyester fixing TF Suitable for polyester blend fabric. The dispersing dye with poor sublimation fastness is easy to result in decreased fastness due to migration during high temperature setting. TC is effective in improving sublimation, blister and washing fastness.
Stable PH value in fabric -- inhibitors PH -65 Excellent PH buffer to ensure the stable PH value at 6.5-7 in fabric. Brilliant neutralization in both acid and alkali fabric. No color change in sensitive color(coffee, rose red, turquoise, etc) and bleached fabric.
Efficient desizing scouring agent -- CP-LSP The function of emulsifying, dispersing, bleaching and stability. The directed imperfection and size can be brought by special emulsifying and dispersing. Fantastic decontamination in neutral and low temperature. The imperfection and size can be dispersed evenly due to special laminar structure without staining, which can get accurate and efficient desizing and scouring.
Sodium silicate substitute alkali agent in cold dyeing  CPD is the latest fixing alkali agent, suitable for cold padding dyeing of reactive dye, able to effectively instead of traditional sodium silicate. The traditional alkali system with silicon has defect like rough handle, equipment injury and “white spot” caused by machine dyeing rejection as silica scale. CPD has similar fixing rate with traditional silicon fixing, but lower hydrolyzing rate than traditional non-silicon fixing agent.
Polyester in one dosage oil remover -- T At present, environmental protection is strict to peroxide and sodium hyposulfite, purchase and storage are both complex. The product is easy to deal with these trouble. It is suitable for polyester, nylon and blend fabric. Only one product is used in pre-treatment,which simplify operation, easy to remove various stains ( mould, rust, oil stain, etc) 
Polyester detergency without fluid disposal -- Detergency TA Suitable for washing after dispersed dyeing, sodium hyposulfite and alkali substitute, no fluid disposal during cooling  after dispersing dyeing, get excellent color fastness. Largely reduce reductive cleaning at above 1 hour and save 3 vats of water.


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